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#3: C60 Organic VFT Olive Oil – 100ml

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• 100ml Research Grade Pack, from £37.99 per bottle with FREE POSTAGE to Great Britain;

• Made in concordance to the Baati T, et al. Protocol [0.8mg/ml] but using Cold Pressed Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Koroneiki Olives [which have a higher uptake of the [60] fullerene and are lower in acidity];

• Programmed with eighty eight (88) vibrational energetic frequency patterns for optimal health and wellbeing;

• Sterile Filtered 0.22µm, all laboratory equipment is washed in E-Pure ASTM Type 1 water [(ISO 3696) so never comes into contact with fluoride, chloride, bacteria or any other unwanted substances];

• 99.9+% Ultra High Purity SOLVENT FREE [60] fullerene;

• GMO/ Gluten/ Dairy free – Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and is also Pet Friendly;

• Highest Quality Blue Glass UV light-resistant bottles with “Tamper Evident Caps” and full length glass pipette;

• In stock and dispatched with free delivery to Great Britain – International shipping charges apply.

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