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Best One I’ve Tried at a Great Price!

This one is the best and great value for money too and I should know, I’ve tried many different ones. The dropper is a nice touch too.

Wendys Words

A god send

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 October 2019

lee sherriff

I am very amazed and 100% satisfied!

I have been using c60 from other manufacturers for about 6 months because c60 has numerous health benefits. I tried this brand that I had never come across because of its competitive price. It is advertised as being made with Koroneiki oil that I use at home. The product definitely has a peppery taste that matches good quality Koroneiki oil. Overall, I am satisfied with the product and will buy it again


Life changing

I was sent this as a gift and I will have no hesitation in reordering it. I noticed the difference immediately. My energy levels increased dramatically and I have been able to do hard physical tasks. Completely lost the fibromyalgia in my legs. If I had respiratory problems, which I never have, I would be over the moon as the first morning after taking the first dose I awoke to a chest that felt so clear and oxygenated I felt it must help asthmatics etc. It also helps on a mental level, depression is lessened, concentration improved.

I took a very small dose, only 2ml per day, which is about two thirds of one pipette, out of sheer laziness to measure up properly, yet as I said, the first day after just 2ml was a game changer. Therefore the bottle lasted me 9 weeks and I’m not a small person. I kept mine in a cold dark pantry and because I love the taste of olive oil dissolved it under my tongue.

So far I cannot find fault. I’ve read an awful lot of research papers on it, and felt satisfied it was worth a go after 40 years of chronic fatigue and pain. Quite simply I’m blown away by the results.

Jane Bit / Nike

Want to live to be 150

Check out the research on this. Rats who started C60 at midlife, ended up living 90% longer than rats that didn’t and they didn’t die at that point, they were killed and examined. So we have no idea how long they might have lived. Even at this advanced rat age, they behaved like young rats and on autopsy, there organs were like young rat organs. Does it work on humans? No idea, do you want to wait around for someone to prove it does? I doubt the research will ever be done. If I grow a rat tail or whiskers, I will report back or if it works I will report back IF I reach 100, 120, 150


Improved mobility

I’m 70 years old and I use this product every day now. My mobility has improved so much. I personally use 10ml per day and I take 30ml one day per week, usually at the weekend. I keep reading people looking for a quick for a quick fix, from what I have researched it’s a gradual process and does not take effect overnight.

June Scaife

This is the best tastiest C60 in olive oil yet. YUM!

This is the best I have tried so far and tastes wonderful too. My knee pain has almost gone after only a week on this C60 and My depression has lifted to the point I no longer feel depressed.. Thank you for this wonderful product, I will buy from you in the future.


Exceptional results

This is a remarkable product. After two months on 1 teaspoon a day, I can report the following – More energy, the ability to work longer hours without feeling particularly tired – even on less food. Increased resilience to, and recovery from, stress. Reduced general aches and pains. Reduced incidence of eye strain. No toxic effects whatsoever. It seems to me that there are potentially mental benefits as well as physical, but since comments in this area tend to be rather subjective, best that people find out for themselves. My experience so far leads me to feel that the C60-lipid combination is actually a significant scientific discovery, and should be widely available. A big thumbs up from me.


has been very good for my autoimmune problems

I have been using this product for about 3 weeks now and am noticing marked improvement

F A Bruce

Give it a chance.

Fast delivery service, and well packed. I tried the product and it has a nice taste, not to strong, I hardly noticed the taste of olive oil which I don’t like. I only gave 3 stars because I can’t comment in the effects of the C60 I just received it last week so it’s not enough time for me to make or write an acurate and fair review.. I’ll write a review when i finish this nice blue glass little bottle of C60 Overall, it’s good, Give it a try you will never know if it work for you if you don’t try it.

F A Bruce

Five Stars

Execllent. does what it says on the tin

Alan Gray

This stuff really works. I’m on the mend. I am 70 and I now feel like I can start living again.

My Hip has been really playing up I have been in agony with it. I’ve been to the Drs had MRI scans, medication and morphine, the pain was unbearable. I tried the C60 wanting to give anything ago. I have used it for the last 10 days. I’m no longer on morphine, I have only taken 2 lots of pain killers in a week but for the last 4 days I’ve taken nothing but C60. All I can say is it’s a miracle my back and hip feels better. I’ve just ordered more. Thank you.

elle hanna

Amazing – Highly recommend

I have been using this product now for 6 weeks and feel such an improvement with my eyesight, especially when driving which is something I have struggled with. I am very impressed with this amazing product and such high quality. I can’t wait to see how I feel in the next six weeks.

simon burrows

Highly Recommend This Product

I have been using this C60 Oil for the last few weeks and found a big improvement in my eye sight and skin complextion .
Also i have been giving a few drops to my elderly dog and she appears to have perked up .


Carbon C60

Only just started taking this after reading and researching it, I have noticed I have far more energy. My breathing has improved, and as I have emphysema this is a great bonus.

Sheila Costello

Feel the difference.

Amazing product. Buy it.

G Panayi

Seems to have worked for me!

For me I’ve got improved energy levels, less joint inflammation, better sleep, sharper mental focus and awareness.

These benefits have a knock on affect on the rest of my overall health, i.e. better sleep is vital to rest and recovery, also if you don’t have as much inflammation you don’t need to expend as much energy to overcome the associated difficulties of poor mobility. Its a win win.

For a lot of people looking a quick fix you may or may not notice these differences. I know my body pretty well having suffered with a major inflammatory Arthritis flare for over a year.

The downside is its fairly expensive but I feel 10 years younger with the energy I have. I will continue to use for the time being, but will play around with it to see if i can reduce with out loosing the effect.

I have 1 x tea spoon morning and night on an empty stomach. I’ll probably cut this back to 1 x tea spoon a day after a month or so just to stretch the bottle out a bit. You do need to be patient at the start tho, you have to build this up in you body, I’d guess min 7 – 14 days depending on size / body weight before you’ll start to notice the benefit.

I use this as part of a wider strategy to manage and overcome my symptoms. Its not a magic potion!