Hydrogen Research

The Benefits of Hydrogen from Apples and Hydrogen Rich Water

While taking C60 it is also worth noting that increasing your Hydrogen intake also has a number of well known benefits.

Hydrogen Research

Just like solubilized Carbon C60 dissolved in olive oil it too can cross the blood–brain barrier. However, as Hydrogen is a gas and the molecules are so small they generally escape from the body in under 10 minutes. In fact Hydrogen molecules are so small they can even escape from steel containers.

Carbon C60 Buckyballs have the ability to hold up to 6 Hydrogen molecules within its molecular structure stopping them escaping and thereby transporting it around the entire body for increased detoxification and well-being.

As the C60 molecules travel around the body they have an antioxidant effect attacking free radicals and the Hydrogen it’s carrying is delivered going to work with the C60 restoring the body back to optimal health.

One of the best way to get extra Hydrogen in to the body is by eating an apple as they produce large amounts of Hydrogen it would seam that the old adage of: “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away” Might be true after all.

Hydrogen Research

The reason Apples produce Hydrogen ion is because they are acidic with a pH range dependant on varieties of between 3.76 – 5.65 (average pH of 5.02). Other everyday fruits have a similar range however, we have found Apples to work best.

Some of the benefits of Hydrogen include:

  • Preventing brain damage by reducing neural degeneration and targeting organelles such as mitochondria, nucleus and neurite outgrowths;
  • Hydrogen may improve your mood by increasing neurgenesis, improving some mental disorders and improving depression;
  • Hydrogen reduces lactic acid build up, during and after exercise decreasing muscle fatigue;
  • Hydrogen can also potentially improve dystrophy in DMD patients;
  • Studies on mammals have shown anti-inflammatory effects and on humans with early rheumatoid arthritis achieving remission with 20% becoming symptom free;
  • Stimulates energy metabolism thereby lowering levels of glucose, insulin and triglycerides;
  • In a scientific study on patients with the potential for metabolic syndrome, drinking hydrogen water (1.5 – 2 L/day) for 8 weeks showed an increase in “Good Cholesterol” (HDL) and a decrease in total cholesterol;
  • In a scientific study on rats showed that hydrogen water was able to prevent atherosclerosis (the hardening of arteries);
  • Drinking hydrogen water may have an alkalising effect in the blood and it was found in a recent study that drinking hydrogen-rich water for 14 days increased the pH of the blood and helped to alleviate Metabolic acidosis a condition normally characterized by an increase in blood acidity;
  • Heated hydrogen water has been found to be an effective anti-tumour agent in tissue cells and can also inhibit angiogenesis (blood vessel growth) in cultured human lung cells;
  • In a study on rats that were surgically induced with a bladder obstruction, drinking hydrogen water significantly suppressed bladder weight increase and oxidative stress;
  • C60 has been proven in scientific research to act as an anti-oxidant 172 times more superior to Vitamin C, so combined with Hydrogen from either an Apple or Hydrogen rich water can make a dramatic improvement in overall health and well being;
  • Molecular Hydrogen H2 is reported to have no known side effects and just like Carbon C60 is not toxic even at high concentrations.

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