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 172 times stronger and thereby more effective than Vitamin C,

With far superior Anti-oxidant effects, reducing damaging free radicals, reducing inflammation which is known to be the source of most chronic illness.

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“C60 is soluble in lipid droplets inside living cells as well as in fats in general. Moreover, C60 can freely cross membrane barriers as observed experimentally and recently modelled by computer simulations.”

Baati T, et al..
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Because our carbon C60 olive oil is made to the exact Baati T, et al. Protocol, this guarantees full saturation (0.8mg/ml) and turns the finished oil into a beautiful ruby red colour.
Made in Great Britain to the highest standards and exact Baati T, et al. Protocol, using the Finest Quality Cold Pressed Low Acidity Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Koroneiki Olives for the highest possible absorption rate of the High Grade Certified Solvent Free Buckminsterfullerene 99.9+% from a Trusted USA supplier.
Carbon C60 Olive Oil is 172 times stronger and thereby more effective than Vitamin C, with far superior Anti-oxidant effects, reducing damaging free radicals, reducing inflammation which is known to be the source of most chronic illness and allowing the body to return to homeostasis.
Highest Quality Blue Glass UV light- resistant bottles with “Tamper Evident Caps” and full length glass pipette individually packaged in cardboard boxes to limit light exposure.
Note: Laboratory testing has taken place on rats and mice at present, the main reason these mammals are used in medical testing is that their genetic, biological and behaviour characteristics closely resemble those of humans and many symptoms of human conditions can be replicated in rats and mice.

Inhibits the Rate of Tumour Growth

Superior Anti-oxidant Effects / Reducing Free Radicals

Cardiovascular Protection

Reduces Inflammation (the Source of Most Chronic Illness)
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Staves off Alzheimer’s Dementia

Improves Memory and Cognition

Extends Life

Increases the Lifespan of Mammals (Rats and Mice) by up to 90%
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Our Pharmaceutical Grade C60 is manufactured in Great Britain to the highest manufacturing standards our organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is certified low acidity and because its manufactured in Great Britain this means there are no customs charges or long shipping times.
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Why not start your own research into extraordinary longevity and vibrant health with the best value, quality Scientific Research Grade C60 olive oil

“Since 1993 countless studies showed that [60] fullerene (C60) and derivatives exhibit paramount potentialities in several fields of biology and medicine mainly including specific DNA cleavage, imaging, UV and radio protection, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-amyloid activities, allergic response and angiogenesis inhibitions, immune stimulating and anti-tumour effects, enhancing effect on neurite outgrowth, gene delivery and even hair-growing activity”.

Baati T, et al.
RedDragonC60 manufacture the highest quality certified 99.9% Carbon C60 made with certified organic cold pressed olive oil and filtered through a micro-meter porosity sterile filter (0.22 μm) to remove any bacterium and microorganisms that can cause disease. Our Laboratory equipment is washed in E-Pure™ ASTM Type 1 water (ISO 3696) so never comes into contact with fluoride, chloride, bacteria or any other unwanted substances making it fully compliant for Scientific Research purposes into extraordinary longevity in mammals.
Carbon C60 molecules are so small they can even cross the semipermeable membrane separating the blood from the cerebrospinal fluid and donates electrons to the brain allowing the Neurons and Synapses to reconnect by allowing an electrical charge to be carried thus improving cognition and memory and will also fit within the physical cavity of the HIV1 virus and once inside the cavity the C60 blocks the replication of the virus thus C60 is seen as an important potential potent weapon against HIV and Aids.
Carbon C60 is now being used by the general public for research purposes and extraordinary results are coming to light with people successfully treating other mammals like their family pets cats and dogs etc.
In 1996 the Nobel Prize was awarded to a scientific team from Rice University that synthesized the soccer ball like molecule that some have dubbed the “Miracle Molecule”.
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